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Fernandez / Album OUT mid 2023

This new album is a love affair. A fever dream invoked by both friend and femme fatal. Soulful vocals, haunting heavy grooves and a widescreen cinematic sound work in with sweeping old Hollywood strings, spooky tremelo guitar and 60’s keyboards. In what feels like a new genre the album sits at the sweet cross-road between retro, alternative soul and trip hop. Both new and familiar it's a homage to the old noir genres and an exploration of new sonic possibilities.

Playing out like a movie, each tune conjures up complex scenes, stories and vivid emotions. The offering bears the fruit of a collaboration with producer /composer / engineer Greg J. Walker, nurtured during the darkest days of covid-afflicted Melbourne and brought to completion during the city's rebirth. 

Singing about the loss of control, worth, morality and the existence of dark love Fernandez pulls together a collection of genres that have deeply influenced her writing. The uniqueness of the collaboration with Walker creates a one-of-a-kind sound only made possible through the marriage of her writing, singing and Walkers esoteric production style. 


Best known for his work under the critically acclaimed moniker Machine Translations, Greg J. Walker has produced award-winning albums for artists including Paul Kelly, Tiny Ruins, Jess Ribiero and C .W Stoneking as well as composing soundtracks for many film and TV projects including the global phenomenon that is the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries franchise. 


The album is inspired by Portishead, Air, Bernard Herrmann, Bjork, The Andrew Sisters, The Beatles, Massive Attack, Sarah Vaughan , Elvis Presley and 40s -70’s Blues/Soul. ​

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