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No Body


The primary goal of cinematic music is to effectively reinforce the drama on screen and lead an audience’s emotions. Artist ‘Fernandez’ and Producer Greg J Walker have come together to create an album that exudes this same dramatic quality and intrigue.
The album thumps in with sweeping strings over heavy guitar and grooves, Fernandez introduces her vocals with ‘I know I’m nobody put my head right over there…’ And the show starts. Playing out like a movie, each tune conjures scenes, stories and emotions. Fernandez evokes both friend and femme fatal, at times singing about the loss of control, worth and morality and the existence of dark love.
‘No Body’s’ sound weaves through the retro, cinematic, alternative soul and trip hop, a collection of genres that have deeply influenced Fernandez’s writing. These songs were written for Walker. Fernandez uses the uniqueness of this collab to create a one of kind sound made only possible through the marriage of her writing, singing and Walkers esoteric production style. Walkers experience and prowess with both traditional and left of centre made him the perfect collaborator.
Best known for his work under the critically acclaimed moniker Machine Translations, Walker has produced award-winning albums for artists including Paul Kelly and C .W Stoneking and received an Aria nomination for his screen work for the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and recently composed the music for the feature film.
A combination of organic and trippy, traditional and alternative ‘No Bodys’ sound is inspired by the likes of Portishead, Air, Tricky, Massive Attack, Sarah Vaughan, The Andrew sisters, The Beatles, Elvis Presley and 40s -70’s Blues/Soul. ​

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